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Academic background: Laval University, Quebec City

•Bachelor of Arts degree.

•One year studying at the faculty of Philosophy.

•Studied mass media for two years with the Department of Information and Journalism where I became acquainted with the theories of Marshall McLuhan. For my term paper I translated into French the March 1969 Playboy interview with McLuhan. (Communications 101)

•I taught the theories of McLuhan and Abraham Moles to the students in Communications at a college in northern Quebec.

•I have written a book «Les ZooGeps camp de concentration» (Éditions Tribales, 1973) in which I exposed the intellectual genocide committed against the TV generation.

•For the past 25 years I’ve been doing research for my pet project «The Brain Connection». My work has led me to focus on the communication between the two hemispheres of the human brain. My goal is to optimize our brain performance. Why should we be satisfied with utilizing a mere 10% while the other 90% is having a Snooze? Obviously we definitely need some sort of wake up call here. To this effect I have devised a procedure which I have tested hundreds of times over the past 25 years:

The white dot in the mirror.
Collages (cf Jean David’s inspiring article about collages)

•I’ve also done some research with people afflicted with cerebral palsy and with children with Down syndrome.

•Recently I was special advisor for an international project of development of creativity in Mumbai, India.


Yves Doré

Vernon, BC, Canada