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This web site ( is the result of the collaboration between Jean David and myself, which started way back in the early 70s when we met at the College of Jonquiere in Quebec, Canada. I was the professor of Communications 101 and Jean was one of my students. In the following years, after both of us had left the college, we laid the foundations of an unusual research along the lines of Marshall McLuhan’s most cryptic and least understood insights: «The Medium is the Message» and «The Global Village». After a few years we went each our own separate ways in order to do what we do best.

Now, some 20 years later we’ve met again to realize that we have come to similar and complementary conclusions. What we are suggesting here are literally simple yet innovative tools, which will allow you to:

  1. 1.Rid yourself of the false image you hold in your mind about yourself and set yourself free from the effects of a very sneaky technology.

  2. 2.Permanently integrate into your body (central nervous system) an authentic image of what you really are.

  3. 3.Explore your subconscious mind, your feelings; discover new abilities, new ideas and position yourself in the Global Village.

We invite you to forward this web site to your friends and all the people you care for. Finally, give us your comments and opinions after you try the 3 tools, we love feedback!

Welcome in the XXI century – It’s just starting!

Fast forward the world!

Yves Doré